EJS Group places candidates. That is what we do!

Here is an example of our process:

  1. Our clients come to us looking to fill an available position in their company.
  2. EJS Group uses our extensive database and networks of potential candidates. By using our own internal systems we can source most positions very quickly.  We also reach out through other social media outlets to let candidates know a position is available.  Once the candidates have been identified, EJS Group hits the phones hard until we find the right candidate.
  3. Once the candidate is identified we take them through an initial screening process
  4. EJS Group collects updated resumes with current contact information and salary requirements. We may also ask for certification, project lists, cover letter, and/ or references to pass along to our clients.
  5. EJS Group works with our clients’ Hiring Manager (s) and/or HR Teams to develop a custom questionnaire for each position. All jobs have their requirements, but EJS Group likes to focus on the nuances of the role as well to find the best overall cultural fit  
  6. EJS Group will send over a resume along with the questionnaire. Each company has their own way of proceeding with the hiring process once the initial candidate(s) have been identified.
  7. EJS Group will then help schedule a Face-to-Face interview or appropriate next steps with the client and the company. This allows for further evaluation of the candidate.  Here is where the client and candidate will get a good feel for a long-term commitment to each other should the position be offered to the candidate.
  8. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they’re confident in the candidate they’re about to offer a position to. We’ll go through each step in the process to make sure all our client’s bases have been covered and the candidate they chose is the right fit for the position.
  9. EJS Group values the relationships we have created. We want to satisfy both, our clients, and our candidates, we achieve this by being consistent, personable and results oriented. EJS Group will always to the right thing.